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Hello lady, first, welcome to this great and kinky world of swingers. I also would love for you to check my profile and pics and if you like what you see and read, I would like to meet you over drinks, or even dancing if you like that (love love to dance).

Uhmmm, what else, well, I have a wicked sense of humor; I am told that I am very good looking, but that is subject to interpretation. I am very discrete, keep myself in great shape (slim), but the most important thing is that I enjoy life to the fullest and I love to please. I really enjoy giving erotic massages; it turns me on like crazy.

Well, if I arouse your curiosity a bit, feel free to contact me with any additional questions,



Would you be interested in meeting when you are nearby? I'll be happy to stop by for a drink,. If we click, great. If not, we part as friends, no hard feelings.

Here is my phone number: *********. If you prefer I call, pass your number on. Let's talk and see if we have chemistry. I'll be happy to fill you in on my, ya know, "fantasies". Also, may I see your photos? My email is ************

C'mon, I'll be fairly close by, and I guarantee it'll be a lot of fun. ;-)

Hi there I saw and loved your profile and wanted to introduce myself. I live in London but spend a week a month in your town, and am here currently. I also travel extensively in Europe.

I am a well educated single gent and work in finance in London. I play sport (football and swimming) and enjoy good wine, good food, and sexy, sassy and sometimes slutty company. I am tall, slim and athletic with a good body and nice cock (or so I am told). I also feel the mental connection is needed as well as the physical so love meeting intelligent smart couples or single females. I have some goodfeedback and woud love to hear from you.

I love the fact that you like to chat about fantasies. It is a major turn on for me to hear what a woman likes sexually. Especially one as hot as you. I am into multiple partners, semi public sex and threesomes. It is really hot and a big turn on for me to meet a woman/couple in a bar, drink and learn about all their sexual encounters and future fantasies.

I have always had this fantasy about meeting at a bar and it is crowded to the point of everyone is on top of each other. I have to lean between you and the guy next to you to order drinks and my body rubs tightly against yours with every move. You can feel how turned on I am and that guy is just smiling at my clumsy effort to move toward the bar at every chance. He's on to me, and so are you. Your hand is conveniently placed on your knee where my cock rubs over it as I order another round. Damn, I gotta slow down with th drinks!

We talk a little and I suggest we move into the far section of the bar so we can spread out a little more. The second we get there I grab your ass and you spin around , move toward me and we start kissing deeply. Your hand is running up and down on my cock and we are both sopping wet.

I like the foreplay of that first chance meeting and all that sexual tension that comes with it. I like to relax, have a drink, touch and caress all over the body in a dark corner of a crowded bar and get so hot that we can't keep our hands off of each other. Then go back to the room/house and go from there and extend the physical exploration beyond the climax. OK, I'm getting a little stiff just thinking about that...but I digress.

That seduction that might lead to incredible sex is so exciting. It is hard to find sometimes in Canada. Most want to have a drink and run up to the room or play games in stages. I like to embrace the moment especially if all are at the same 'hotness' level! If we ever got to that level it would be a long lasting memory!

I think you would make me feel very comfortable if we ever got together since we have the same mentality: 'Its sex, relax and enjoy it'. I am pretty sure I would do the same for you too. Especially if we started talking about fantasies.I am pretty laid back.

I am going to be in College. However, I am supposed to get a more regular schedule in our office in DC after this. Maybe this could turn into something less sporadic?? A rendezvous place?? Maybe your world travels stop in DC on those dates.....just throwing it out there in case there might be a need for a fantasy come true in your future ;)

Let me know if you might be interested. I know I am definitely interested!

would love to know you hun , check our profile out we are both from jamaica clean and drama free couple we love going out and having tons of fun , looking for a girlfriends is that you send us a text germaine & anique we got a pool at home gettin a hot tub real soon send us a text message
hi there -- how are you? Your profile definitely piqued my curiosity and I'd love to know more. You seem rather eclectic, open and fun. And of course, who doesn't love a playful, intelligent and accomplished lady with a kinky alter ego? :) As for me, I am a 33 yr old professional (lawyer -- but I promise, not the bland sort) who lives in Manhattan. I definitely have a weak spot for erudite, open, vivacious (and exceptionally naughty!) women. I especially love a great flirt...could that be you? If you're at all curious...I'd love to hear back from you.

We are a married couple looking for a girl to join us for a threesome. We are experienced and uninhibited. we are looking for someone who would be comfortable with more than just a one night stand, not a relationship but on going sexdating when in Canada. Our profile is very detailed and there are more than enough pictures of us (LOL) in our profile. Cheers, Anna and James
My fantasy with you? To lick your ass and your pussy until you come and then fuck you hard in both holes. Only one of my fantasies with you.

Why you should meet me ?
Because I'm the funniest , easy going and drama free guy you have ever seen
Why should I meet you , after 8 years experience in this life style I can honestly say I'm more in quality
and look at yourself, you are here , I can feel it, i know you are smart, beatiful and sexy ,we will have lots of fun together!
And we both start day very early


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